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Transformation: Driving License

Below you will find all relevant information on how to make an application
for transfer of your license.

Your application has to be processed at a Bürgeramt of your choice.
The following documents need to be presented at the time of your application:

  • Proof of enrollment at a driving school (contract)
  • Passport
  • Current foreign drivers license and a translation of your drivers license
  • Eyesight test
  • Passport style photo (biometric)
  • Indication of which testing center you will want to go through
  • Fee for the application

Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed by the Bürgeramt.
Assuming that all documents are in order you will be notified within 3-6 weeks.

During that time you can take theoretical and practical lessons at our driving school. This will help to complete the process at a faster rate.

Getting a German drivers license:

Depending in which non-EU country you have obtained your current license,
different rules apply: E.g., Chinese license holders are not required to take
part in theoretical lessons, but will have to take the practical lessons.

The letter you will receive from the Bürgeramt following your application
will indicate what lessons, and subsequently, exams you are required to take in order to acquire a German driver’s license.

The Theoretical exam is offered in German, English, Spanish and French and more.
For almost all countries the practical examination is compulsory.

Taking lessons at our driving school:

Lessons are offered in manual and automatic transmission cars. You can take the lessons in English.
The number of driving lessons you will need to take is not set. You will be admitted to take the test when your driving instructor is convinced that you are ready to pass the exam.
The time and date can be scheduled according to your needs.